Joe “Jace” Cento’s Classic Sound Pops

joe-jace-cento-reviewJoe “Jace” Cento is a classic pop artist from New York. “All I Need Is Love” is a pop song that sounds like the good natured ways of the music that’d escape jukeboxes during sock hops. You’ll wish your name was “Monica” after you hear this one. It’s airy and flows off the tongue like a name you love to say. Jace picks things up with “Keep On Loving” as the music is lively and is cause for a toe tapping and a little finger pointing. Then you have “Ahead of the Rain” which sounds like a more mature sound than the rest. It stands a little steadier and had less of innocence to it than the rest. If you’re a fan of Barry Manilow, then you’re advised to check out Joe “Jace” Cento ASAP. (

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